How the Game Set Works

All of the games in the Multitude Game Set use both Cards and Dice.  Some games mostly use the Cards and some games use the Dice more.

Most of the games in this book are variations of classic Card games which have been adapted to include Dice and some of the games are popular Dice games which have been adapted to use Cards.  There are also games inspired by classic Board Games.  Some games are original and not directly based from any existing games.

Below is a graphic showing the components in the Game Set:

Each game in the Game Rules Book and on this site has a description of the game which includes what type of game it is, what popular Card, Dice, or Board Game the game it is similar to, the level of strategy, and the number of Players.  Each game also has rules which include the objective of the game and instructions for game play.  Some games have optional rules for playing longer games and/or rules for betting in the game.

For most games, every Player receives a Dice Set.  A Dice Set is 6 Dice, 1 Dice of each of the 6 colors.

The Cards have 6 Color Suits.  The 6 Dice in a Dice Set are the same colors as the 6 Color Suits on the Cards.  The colors of the 6 Dice represent the Color Suits.  The Dice are called Color Suit Dice when determining which Color Suit of the Cards will be used by rolling the Dice.

There is an order to the Color Suits.  Red Suit Cards are the highest ranking, Orange Suit Cards are next, then Yellow Suit Cards, Green Suit Cards, Blue Suit Cards, and Purple Suit Cards are the lowest ranking.  Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple.

Each Card has a Deck Rank Number located under the Index Rank Number.  The Deck Rank Number is used to determine the overall rank of the Cards within a Deck.  It is based on the Color Suit order.  The Deck Rank Numbers start with the Red 6 Card at 36, which is the highest ranking Card in the Set, and end with the Purple 1 Card at 1 which is the lowest ranking Card.

Each side of the 6 color Dice in a Dice Set has a matching Card in each of the 2 Decks.  Each Card has a Dice Icon showing the matching Dice side.  The 6 Dice in a Dice Set have 6 sides for a total of 36 sides.
Each Deck has 6 Ranks for each of the 6 Color Suits for a total of 36 different Cards which match the 36 sides of the Dice.  There are 2 Decks for a total of 72 Cards.

There are 48 12 millimeter Dice in this set.  Enough for 8 Players to receive 1 Dice Set each with the 6 Suit Colors.  For most games, Players use a Dice Set.  For some games Players use more than 6 Dice, in this case Players may share Dice.

There are also 2 12 millimeter black Dealer’s Dice.  These Dice are passed to the Dealer to remind players who the Dealer is and are rolled by the Dealer in some games.

There are 8 large Board Game Cards / Score Cards included in this game set.  One side of the Cards is the Board Game Card and the other side is the Score Card.  The Board Games in the Game Rules Booklet use a combination of the Board Game Cards to create a game board.  The instructions for the Board Games will show how to configure the Board Game Cards.  Placing a Dice or a coin on the Score Cards is an easy way to keep score and allow players to see the scores of all of the players.

Below is a graphic showing the design elements of the Cards:

For more specific rules when using the Game Set, see HOW TO USE THE MULTITUDE GAME SET, the BASIC RULES FOR MOST MULTITUDE GAMES, and the BASIC RULES FOR BETTING PDF Documents on the Multitude Games page.